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Consulting Services

Separation Science Associates provides an aggregate of more than two centuries of experience to help you communicate about chromatography. Whether it's explaining facts for a legal case, fine-tuning a technical publication, web site development and maintenance, or preparing/presenting a seminar, we specialize in getting your message across clearly, concisely, and accurately.


Technical Writing & Editing
You have information to communicate. We have the skills and experience to help you communicate it. Whether it's polishing a paper for submission, providing a pre-submission check for accuracy and relevance, software or instrument documentation, or even turning your raw information into a publication, the Separation Science Associates team can provide as much or as little assistance as you require:

  • Reviewing the literature. Avoid "reinventing the wheel" by having world-class experts in chromatography like Lloyd Snyder, John Dolan, and Tim Wehr advise on the state-of-the-art in chromatography or electrophoresis.
  • Designing experiments. Our experts will help you set up a sequence of experiments aimed at providing the maximum amount of information from the minimum investment in experimental time and effort.
  • Evaluating and interpreting results. We will look over your results to help you find those nuggets of information that can be mined effectively. Just as important, we'll find the gaps and the questions that need answering before a paper is submitted.
  • Preparing the publication. You know what you want to say. Whether it's technical notes or scientific papers, we can help you say it in clear, concise English, with graphics designed to convey the information effectively and convincingly.
  • Editing and submission. Each journal has its own unique "style." We'll work with you to make sure your paper is stylistically compatible with your chosen publication venue. We can even suggest the most appropriate venue(s) for publishing your work.
  • Technical documentation and manuals: Our team members have years of experience in writing and designing clear, concise manuals and on-line "Help" documentation for both scientific instruments and software. We also provide detailed "usability" studies to ensure that your document really IS user-friendly.

Project scope can range from a few hours' quick review through long-term research programs. Call Kari Hallenburg at (503) 246-8415 or e-mail khallenburg@sepsci.com for an initial no-charge consultation.

HPLC & CE Training
Through our affiliation with LC Resources, we can provide state-of-the art training in LC, LC-MS, CE, and related laboratory techniques. See the LC Resources web site for more information.

Pharmaceutical Consulting
HPLC is today's workhorse technique for pharmaceutical analysis. From advice on method development through validation to troubleshooting, our experts serve as a sounding board to help
you make the right decisions and document them appropriately. The Separation Science Associates team can help you with every aspect of pharmaceutical HPLC analysis by:

  • Making sure your SOPs are up to date. We can help define and implement procedures that ensure consistent results from mobile phase preparation through sample handling to instrument qualification.
  • Developing methods. From selecting an appropriate separation mode through identifying the optimum column configuration, we'll help you set up and implement a strategy designed to give you a working method with a minimum investment in experimental time and effort.
  • Validation. Validation is an area that gets special attention in pharmaceutical analysis. We can help you implement procedures that make validation an integral part of method development and minimize the amount of additional effort and cost.
  • Troubleshooting. Whether you're facing a laboratory investigation to identify a single failure or trying to pin down the source of sporadic problems, remember that we literally wrote the book on LC troubleshooting. Our expert staff knows the questions to ask to identify problem causes and prevent recurrence.

Contact Ben Buglio at bbuglio@sepsci.com or call (401) 423-2273 for an initial discussion.

Web Site Design & Maintenance
Your web site is both one of your strongest marketing tools to new customers and a direct line of support to your existing customers. All too many web sites are posted and then minimally maintained — or they're maintained by a design agency with no inside knowledge of your market and less-than-ideal turnaround time.

  • Web site design. We provide complete "turn-key" web design, creating sites that are effective and efficient tools for communicating with analytical chemists.
  • Web site review/advice or just plain sprucing up. Have our editorial, design, and/or analytical experts give your site a thorough inspection to sharpen your copy, strengthen your market appeal, correct errors, and enhance your visual presentation. We can recommend changes for your current web maintenance staff to make, or we can make them for you. We emphasize clear, easy-to-navigate sites and can recommend dynamic material to keep your customers returning to your site.
  • Web site maintenance. How often do you review your site? Are your links up-to-date? Do you have rusty information hanging around? Arrange for monthly or quarterly web maintenance. We'll: 1) contact your key in-house personnel with regular reminders to review site content, 2) perform our own thorough check of the site, and 3) make all necessary updates and corrections.
  • Usability studies. We conduct detailed "usability" studies to determine how effectively visitors can navigate your site to find the information they need and how well your site is positioned in the market.

Discuss how you can enhance your web site by calling Kari Hallenburg at (503) 246-8415, ext. 211, or e-mailing khallenburg@sepsci.com.

Presentations Support & Coaching
Seminars and oral presentations are among the most effective way to get your message across. We have literally thousands of hours of live presentation time under our belts, and we can apply that
experience to making your presentation powerful and convincing:

  • We'll work with you to organize your material effectively, telling your story in a way that will guarantee holding your audience's attention for 20 minutes or a full day.
  • People assimilate information in different ways. Even the best oral presentation will be ineffective without the support of clear, informative visuals. We can help you generate presentation graphics that communicate your information without getting in the way.
  • Showmanship helps. We can also coach you to fine-tune your vocal inflections and body language so that you can tell your story convincingly.

Give Tom Jupille a call at (800) 379-5221 or e-mail him at tjupille@sepsci.com and see what we can do to help.

Business Development and Marketing Communications
Entering the analytical instrument/supplies market? The best products in the world won't make an impact without commensurate communications and marketing. Our team members have extensive experience developing, selling, and supporting chromatography instrumentation and columns. We can help you put together and implement a marketing plan that will get your products the attention they deserve at a price you can afford. And, for a complete package, our editorial/design staff will write and design eye-catching and effective brochures, newsletters, technical notes, reports, or press releases.

Contact Tom Jupille at (800) 379-5221 or e-mail Tom at tjupille@sepsci.com.

Expert Witness Support
You need a world-recognized expert to evaluate the scientific merit of your case and to present it clearly, concisely, and convincingly. We won't take on a case we don't believe in, but if we believe in it, no one can make your points more effectively.

As with any Separation Science Associates service, there is no charge for the initial consultation, so give John Dolan a call at (971) 241-0946 or e-mail him at john.dolan@lcresources.com.